My Country ‘Tis of Thee – An Abolitionist Hymn

My country,’ tis of thee,

Den of iniquity, of thee I sing

Land of the silent cries

guiltless babes sacrificed

To Gods of lust and pride 

From the light you flee

Our father’s God! to thee,

Author of Liberty, to thee we sing;

Soon may our land be bright,

With your love shown aright 

Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King.

It comes, the joyful day,

When tyranny’s proud sway, stern as the grave,

Shall to the ground be hurl’d

And Jesus’ flag, unfurl’d,

Shall wave throughout the world, 

His law shall reign

Trump of glad jubilee!

Echo o’er land and sea freedom for all.

Let the glad tidings fly,

And every tribe reply,

“Glory to God on high,” at oppression’s fall

Song written by Wyatt Graves

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots


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